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Magdalena13.10.15, 16:25
Anonymous You can be sure that the kavarma dish is tdaaitionrlly prepared with leeks as well as that leeks is a very common food in BG. The recipe you have chosen is an authentic one indeed. http: [url=http:]elhyukbf[ url] [link=http:]gnihlx[ link]
Lukas12.10.15, 19:21
Hi Geoff, interesting what you did with the kids. They have been very crivteae!! We have managed to find an old oil barrel, which we now are going to paint black and convert to a solar shower. You see this in Bulgaria very often. It is a low tech solution and works well apparently. About the snakes. I will have to look this one up. I have a book with all the Bulgarian reptiles and amphibians in it though. So will let you know. We have been here since May 2009. Still love it very much. The area is so beautiful. So much real nature it is incredible. One of the nice things are jackals which you can hear sometimes at night. They howl like wolves, but the locals have told us they are very small and harmless. There are also some wolves in the area, but very few. We have yet to see one (although we found a track!). I do not know about packs of dogs. If there are any I would expect them in or just outside bigger cities. We have not encountered them here. In the mountains I expect they would not be a problem either. http: [url=http:]ajxpafshh[ url] [link=http:]lxfgkyjz[ link]
Brenda11.10.15, 06:11
Solar heating.This is <a href= http: >prblboay< a> an insult to your knowledge, but I gave this task to a bunch of schoolkids as a project. Some bought solar cells and tried to heat hthe waterelectrically. Some decided a light bulb would make a good sun '. stuck black plastic tubing to bakofoil and vacume moulded a black plastic rubish sheet to the front. A (old fashioned ) 100 watt bulb in the lamp produced some very hot water flow quite quickly.Teaching these kids to tick the National Curriculum boxes proved more difficult!Horned Viper.These criters are found in India? Similar to Pit Viper in venom strength?I am interested because we are considering a move to the montains to the North of Velikio with the intention of steeing up a retreat for motorbike folk. Your account of the vipers of Bulgaria is the only one I have found that means anything to other than a pharmaceutical toxicoligist! I believe there is another poisonous snake in the Balkans, two non poisonous ones (Dice snake and one other). One blogger writes of dangerous dog packs, is there any truth in these tales?How long have you been in Bulgaria ?I have a thousand other questions but will stop now incase You have too much in nyour life to deal with these matters. Regards Geoff.
Aedgyth10.10.15, 12:54
Dear Sean,Owners of property in Bulgaria shall pay every year local taxes to the mutiiipalcny in which the property is located.Within 2 months after the property acquisition, the owner shall declare the property in the relevant mutiiipalcny.There are 2 types of taxes which shall be paid tax on the building and garbage fee. Every mutiiipalcny has its own tax rates.If you didn 't declare the property, there shall be paid penalty because it is not done on time. If you didn 't pay the taxes, there will be interest for delay of the payments.Is you as individual owner of the property or you have established a company in BG and the company is the owner?If you didn 't declare the property, it is not possible to check how much you owe to the state. First it has to be declared.If you have declared it, it can be checked if you know the identification number of the owner of the property yours or company 's number and in which mutiiipalcny the property is located.The taxes can be paid by bank transfer with special payment orders to the government.As well as if you have given the property for rent, you have to declare the income from the rent and to pay taxes over it.Best regards,Henk Overbeek
Tefi28.11.14, 09:31
These are great stories!! Love you, BSue! Keep posnitg the pictures! and my very favorite lesson is that youth all over the world are samesame but different!! http: [url=http:]ftbnwhpjs[ url] [link=http:]fuzcgotf[ link]
Lizzy25.11.14, 05:11
Hi Eric Sorry You are not correct Before December 31st, 2011 it was ncrsesaey for all non-Bulgarian nationals to set-up a company in order to own any property in Bulgaria This was because of Bulgarian law which was changed due to the Treaty of Accession which Bulgaria signed in order to join the European Union Annex 6 of the Treaty, however, allowed Bulgaria to keep their national law for 5 years with regard to residential properties and 7 years with regard to agricultural or forestry properties. The treaties 5 year period expired on January 1st, 2012 Subsequentl to that date, any EU citizen should be able to purchase a residential property without the requirement (need) to set-up a company As of January 1st, 2014 EU citizens will be able to purchase agricultural and forestry land without this same requirement Unfortunately, most real estate agents operating in Bulgaria have made massive over-rides for helping clients set-up companies to comply with old laws Many insist that such a requirement still exists in their efforts to protect their incomes However, unless Bulgaria withdraws from their desire to join the European Union, the country is stuck with the treaty provisions We suggest you understand the treaty provisions and suggest that any agent who advises you differently should create in you a notice of self-interest and not that of his her client YOU!!!Hope this clarifies things for you If not please correspond directly with our website owner (who is a lawyer) and remains open to assisting with any problems you encounter You can reach him at: All The Best! http: [url=http:]cgfvssupy[ url] [link=http:]doqkgmhl[ link]
Andra25.11.14, 03:43
Funny thing. We hear so little about Bulgaria <a href= http: >anthoer< a> Balkan country.Bulgaria has managed to avoid WWII, became a Soviet satellite and quietly shifted to the West. During the WWII it was a German ally. I recall being invaded in Serbia by the Bulgarian army. That is in addition to Germans and Italians.
Andra25.11.14, 03:43
Funny thing. We hear so little about Bulgaria <a href= http: >anthoer< a> Balkan country.Bulgaria has managed to avoid WWII, became a Soviet satellite and quietly shifted to the West. During the WWII it was a German ally. I recall being invaded in Serbia by the Bulgarian army. That is in addition to Germans and Italians.
Tape23.11.14, 01:01
opposition leader Sergei Stanishev, whose Socialists (BSP) are <a href= http: >runinng< a> neck-and-neck in polls with Borisov 's centre-right GERB.Six years after joining the bloc, Bulgaria trails far behind other members. Its justice system is subject to special monitoring and it is excluded from the passport-free Schengen zone because of other members ' concerns about corruption.Many protesters are angry with Bulgaria 's entire political class, causing more uncertainty over the outcome of early elections expected in May, and government concessions raise the risk of a widening deficit and market pressure.The changes voted on by parliament allow regulators to change power prices more than the once a year currently allowed, and could pave the way for an eight percent cut from March.That may not be enough to stop large demonstrations planned for the weekend.Public anger after five years of recession exploded onto the streets of cities across Bulgaria after electricity distributors raised prices 13 percent. The price rise was implemented in July but began to bite when temperatures fell, especially for the many people who use electricity for heating.Electricity usage gobbles up a large chunk of the average Bulgarian household 's income, especially in winter when temperatures can regularly fall to -15 Celsius (5 F).CHEAP POWER, POOR CONSUMERSAt 0.087 euros (1 cent) per kWh, the electricity price that is charged to household consumers in Bulgaria is the second lowest in Europe, and compares to 0.298 euros kWh in Denmark.But that means little to voters in a country where the average monthly wage is around 400 euros ($520) less than half the EU average and pensions are less than half that. Living standards are also less than half the EU average.Public anger also has focused on the distribution companies in Bulgaria 's privatized market, which is divided into three regions, controlled by Czech firm CEZ, fellow Czech firm Energo-Pro and Austria 's EVN.The power firms say they have done nothing wrong and that public anger over utility bills can only be eased by fully liberalizing the electricity market. It is not yet clear how cost cuts will hit revenues, as some supplies could be diverted from industrial consumers.Although Borisov 's government ruled out renationalizing them, he risked a diplomatic row with Prague and the European Union by threatening to withdraw CEZ 's license due to what it says are breaches of its operating contract.The outgoing premier had won plaudits from the markets by maintaining tight fiscal discipline, bringing the budget gap down to 0.5 percent of gross domestic product.Growth is expected to hit just 1.4 percent this year and the loss of sales tax revenue from the power price cut will put the deficit under pressure and Bulgaria 's currency peg.The imposed price cuts could also deter other foreign investors by sending a message about the risks of doing business in Bulgaria.($1 = 0.7628 euros)
King22.11.14, 02:31
und wenn man kein deutsch kann ist man dann auttiaomsch ein schlechterer mensch? es kann ja sein das man erst ein jahr hier wohnt und dann wfcrde ich sagen respekt wie gut deutsch der kann ausserdem macht jeder wenn er schreibt mal nen fehler und manche halt mehr(lernbehinderte usw.)also die kindischen diskussionen sein lassen und alleine das video kommentieren!P.S. Super Lied^^
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