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Datum:23.06.2009, 15:13
Version:Der total verrückte Tüftelspaß
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Beschreibung:Dieses Labor ist Zwar hingeklatsch aber denoch Cool

Die Vollvision soll viel mehr lewel bringen

Viel Spaß mit der Demo
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Yacine25.12.15, 00:14
interesting concept here.not for me tho.i hold my<a href= http: > syluts< a> like i hold a pencil just fine (thumb and index with my middle underneath as support). sometimes the rocker switch sits nicely between my thumb and index. but most often that switch faces down toward the tablet (no pesky fingers in the way down there) and when i need to activate my right click (back switch) or my fore back ground color toggle (front switch) just a quick little roll motion of the<a href= http: > syluts< a> and i can hit that switch with my thumb pad (front switch) or my inner thumb knuckle (back switch).life is good with the rocker switch
Jason23.12.15, 18:25
First of all, love your helpful vids. Well spkoen, minimal, and relevant.For this subject, however, I think the size and shape of the artist 's hand play too much of a role for your advice to be universally helpful. I, for instance, have a larger hand than you. I tried your technique and I can see how it would be beneficial. Having one 's fingers in close proximity to buttons and freeing up their individual tasks so that they never have to do more than one job at a time happens to also be PC Gamer Hotkey Customization 101. Your method just mechanically won 't work for me.If it is helpful to anyone with large, thin hands, I keep the buttons toward the bottom and use a rolling action of the thumb to press either button. However, I never use the buttons in such a way that I must keep them depressed while making a stroke. In my case, they are for grip-panning and color sampling, which occurs quickly and never during a stroke.Also, the eraser is actually quite nice in some cases, especially if you prefer to use a tip that creates friction. You may want the option to switch to a tip that has much less friction than the more sensitive drawing tip. It is also useful for approximating the feel of brushes that emulate large, blunt mediums, such as rounded pastel or thick charcoal. I find it also gives a very intuitive feel to large-scale airbrush [for erasing, burning, masking, ect].
Grip16.11.11, 18:49
2 Years later,ich bin jetzt 14 Werde gleich mal größere und schwere labore hochladen !
Bratwurst22.08.09, 15:35
Dat probier ich mal aus...
Grip23.06.09, 15:14
kommentare nicht Vergessen :-)