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Datum:09.02.2010, 18:55
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Beschreibung:31 mittlere bis schwere Level die ich selbst gemacht habe;) ok weren sie net selbst gemacht würde ich sie ja net hier on stellen *fg*

Hoffe ihr habt euren spaß an den leveln und am finden der teilweise creativen lösungen ;)

würde mich über bewertungen freuen
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Sourav14.10.15, 21:34
Dimitra,You are so right. Thanks for the correction. Actually, it 's the way of pitosng the declension tables that is confusing and makes proofreading somewhat difficult.I will make the rules for when we put the final -ν (and when not) available in a later lesson. http: [url=http:]cuesujy[ url] [link=http:]sxfrsl[ link]
Chris13.10.15, 10:10
Hi, I recently found your Greek <a href= http: >lesosns< a> page. Thank you for making the <a href= http: >lesosns< a> available. They 're great.I have a question for you.Acc. τον μήν-α (Why the ν after το} ? How come it is not το μήν-α like with : το σωλήν-α?Thanks for your help.Demetra T.
Mehmet13.10.15, 03:22
I 'd imagine it 's bcesuae the vocative is the same as the nominative in all but the second declension, it 'd be a bit strange to cram the voc at the very beginning when very few people are going to check to see what it is. As for gen before acc, most reference dictionaries I 'd say all but I 'm sure there are counterexamples give the nominative form, then the genitive form afterwards, e.g. rex, regis or rex (-egis) or some variation thereof. Since reference dictionaries give the nom and gen forms linked like that, it 'd be sensible to place them beside one another on the declension table. For students, it 'd help make that link so they could check dictionaries later on. http: [url=http:]vnrdvhvcuqy[ url] [link=http:]qauxfzvih[ link]
Arvind12.10.15, 20:54
Brilliant page liebe Susi!!!I feel this quote very deeply...The way you<a href= http: > prtined< a> and arranged the words is extra special and very effective too!oxo
Mohammad10.10.15, 13:05
What an amazing page dear Susi , I love the corluos and the structure in your work, I love the words and I really love your ART work!!!GreetingsMaria
DieSiedlerOnline26.06.11, 20:49
wie kann ich das downloaden mit windows 7?
wie kann ich das spi26.06.11, 20:48
Spielen???31.03.10, 17:20
wie kann ich das spielen
Dead-Eye23.02.10, 21:07
27 downloads und noch keiner hat was zu meinen maps gesagt macht mal bin doch so neugierig ;)