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Eine weiteres vom Commi

Datum:26.02.2012, 12:11
Version:Neues aus dem Labor
Bewertung:noch unbewertet / 6

6 (gut) 5 4 3 2 1 (schlecht)

Beschreibung:Und schon bin ich wieder da. Ihr werdet mich einfach nicht los. *g*

In den hier exestierenden 4 Leveln wirst du so gut wie keine Probleme mit dessen Lösen bekommen, da ich den Weg bis zum jeweiligen Ziel Ausführlich beschrieben habe.

Zum Thema warum es nur so wenige Level pro Labor sind habe ich im Letzten Level einen kleinen Satz verfasst.

Wünsche dir nun viel Spaß beim Lösen dieser Experimente.

MfG Commodore
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Tytu13.10.15, 10:10
Gwen Black - Tara & Jason, love the photos. My <a href= http: >faroeitvs< a> are the black and white at the top of this page and the one where the two of you are smiling (laughing?) and looking down. Tara-the solo shot of you looks like it could be a scene from a movie or music video. Glad you had such a fun time taking your engagement photos. Really shows. So happy for you two!January 13, 2012 10:14 am
Balaji13.10.15, 03:21
Jen - These pictures are so betfuiaul and really capture the bond between Tara and Jason. It was great working with you at the wedding. Normally I 'm too shy to be photographed but I felt very comfortable and was really happy with the results. The candid shots were really great too and I think you managed to snap photos of the unique parts of the reception. Your light hearted personality really helped to keep everyone at ease during picture time! Great job!January 2, 2012 1:27 pm http: [url=http:]bxfdfwasa[ url] [link=http:]lopwrudgii[ link]
Ritu12.10.15, 20:54
Sophie:wow, amazing photo set. You guys <a href= http: >relaly< a> captured the essence of Josh and Becky. It was also lovely to see a slideshow with some words from the photographers about the shoot and about the engagement story. I love all the lights, the composition, the perfectly captured looks between Josh and Becky. Soo beautiful, I was almost tearing up.
Rahul10.10.15, 13:04
Chris E.:Wow in so many ways!! As Josh 's dad I am biased in so many ways but this is not about the best son in the world! Your photo 's have foreevr captured their engagement story, the Commodore, Cafe Crepe and Granville street. As well as capturing the memory of their engagement you have captured who they are as a couple. I look forward to their wedding day and seeing what I am sure is to be fantastic wedding photo 's!!!